Once all the emollient properties have been carefully harnessed with emulsification, Pao needed to lock and preserve the product to stop any over-cooking or degradation.
Pao again looked to the Michelin Star cooking industry for inspiration and advice;
delicate emulsions, mousses, souffles and ice creams are precision chilled to maintain texture, air and lightness.

Locking in and naturally preserving the cosmetic…

The richest ingredients in Molecular Gastronomy can appear light and tantalising on the taste buds.
Once emulsified, the longer heat remains in the skin care affects the consistency and the emollient powerhouse starts to degrade.

Perfecting consistency and the emollient powerhouse

Precision time monitored blast chilling at three specific decrements fixed the texture and glide without any degradation of the collagen benefits.
Micro-bacterial formation was completely avoided which allowed living vitamins and folates to be infused to preserve the cosmetics for twelve months.
Precision chilling fixes the cosmetic with unbroken vitamin and folate chains that creates an invisible natural protective film against bacteria whilst not diminishing the glide of the texture.
Presentation in Michelin Cookery is done by hand so Pao went back to the professional kitchen to learn how to hand pipe the cosmetic to give a silk like final texture to allow it to glide into the skin.

Micro-bacterial formation eradicated with precision chilling…

Molecular Costronomy is now an evolving science that Pao is refining constantly

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