CHAUFFAGE DOUX – A Scientific Approach to
Harmonious Cosmetic Making

To Pao, Cosmetic Science revolved around the benefits of isolated ingredients.
Technique, handling and quality of specialised ingredients was totally ignored which negated the positive benefits that they harbour.

Something may be organic but is it high quality?

Michelin Star chefs touch, smell, taste and check the provenance of ingredients before they utilise them in a dish.
They make fine adjustments to their kitchen science to ensure the ingredients shine through and perfection is achieved…
Pao designed the ‘Chauffage Doux’ process to help children with severe skin conditions live a more normal life.
Many of the children were unable to wear traditional clothes, they required specialist fabrics to help contain the skin condition.
Pao selected a core set of emollient ingredients that were not revolutionary but unfiltered with provenance, so they were rich in vitamins and hydrates.

A reason for design…

The consensus was and still is unfortunately to blast ingredients together with heat and agitation to achieve emulsification.
Pao pioneered his ‘Chauffage Doux’ method using a simple bain-marie and balloon whisk;
he perfected a temperature whereby the ingredients didn’t contract and denature to prevent loss of hydrate, vitamin and other emollient properties.
‘Chauffage Doux’ means “Gentle Heating”, the results were startling for the children with extreme skin conditions.
Many of them had been prescribed strong pharmaceutical steroid creams that over time reduce the thickness of the skin.

Pioneering a process…

Stopping the steroid creams and using skin care made by “Chauffage Doux” not only reduced the severe inflammation;
it also helped their skin to balance out its pH levels naturally.
Pao’s first skin range was tested at the University of Aberdeen’s microbiology lab where it passed all the bacterial tests to be given a 12 month use by date after opening.

Scientific Testing is vital to illustrate technical proficiency and product safety

Simple Michelin level ingredients, gentle heating and natural preservation was a game changer;
Pao still gives away skincare for vulnerable children with extreme skin conditions as thanks to the inspiration that created “Chauffage Doux”.
Pao simply calls it ‘The Art of Temperature Control…’

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